Not working in offline mode

  • Hi, I bought the game expansion pack but not working offline in flight safe mode. Do I need to do anything else??

  • administrators

    @S2H Please make sure you have been properly logged in when you still have a connection to the internet.

    Please try the following:

    Login in with your account with a steady internet connection
    Then activate flight mode. You should now be able to play the expansions (Singleplayer only of course)

  • How do you call it offline mode if you have to log in for that? :D

  • Sorry, but even doing this is still limited in functionality. When Flight mode is enabled after logging in, the player profile reverts to "level 1" regardless of whatever level the player might actually have achieved.

    Please advise an appropriate fix. Thanks!

  • Same for me: when I want to launch a game in a plane, thus in flight mode, it's not possible: the whole app is blocked, all the extensions I purchased are blocked, even the free game is unavailable.
    My level returns to 4. Even my «money» and papers are unavailable.
    Does that mean this game isn't designed for offline mode?

  • administrators

    @TanguyCMoi It would be great if you could reach out to us via with more info about the device you are using. Right now we can't reproduce the mentioned issue on any of our devices but maybe we are missing something.

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