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  • Hi guys, for 3 days the game hasn’t been able to connect me with opponents. What’s going on?

  • administrators

    @kirastuart have you tried to log out from your account and back in again?

  • @kirastuart Yesterday at noon I experienced the same. So I tried all expansions, but not a single player was found. I loged in and out twice, yet still no luck. Last night I tried again, and everything worked fine again.

  • @Administrator I have the same problem but only with cities and knights expansion which is the expansion I play the most.
    I don’t find any opponents for 3 days. I logged out and on, I even uninstalled the app.
    I’m on iPhone 8 my username is jennybk2.

  • I had this issue last time when the seasons tournament was on. None of the expansion games could find opponents.

  • Hi all, thanks for all your help! Logging in and out helped :)

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