Is there a way to save progress after registration?

  • Before creating an account, I played for a while and made some progress. Is there a way to retain this progress after creating a new account, or must I start over?


  • administrators

    @8CTT-1 Unfortunately for you we can´t save progress made without an account right now. Since Catan Universe is a multiplatform title we heavily rely on our account architecture to save progress and make it available for our players on every platform they choose to play on.

    That is exactly why we urge our fellow Catanians to create an account as soon as possible after they started playing Catan Universe.

  • Since most games use a local account for game save purposes, why has your team chosen not to?

  • @dartheric It is a kharma issue. Administrator refused to re-incarnate as an ant. :ant: He wanted to have a more interesting live as a human. :grinning:
    But then kharma got back at him: he got this job, and regrets his life-choices... :scream: :weary:

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