What is guilds about?

  • I don't understand how they are useful, can anyone explain? What am I missing?

  • administrators

    @art2018 Thank you for your question. If you organize in a guild will have an extra separate chat room with your guild members. You can also set the Filter Guild in Auto-Match which will let you play only with your guild members.

    Guilds are for likeminded players that want to play more frequently with the same people or just hang out and chat with them. The guild feature in its current form isn´t done yet. We are planning to expand functionalities and maybe also sizes of guilds in the future.

  • @Administrator said:
    Thanks for the answer, now it makes sense. What new functionalities are planned?

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    @art2018 ATM we are at the drawing board. But we are playing with the idea of guilds being able to join special seasons to best other guilds. Also, we are looking into more refined "management" tools for guilds. Some type of ranking system within the guild.

    There are also ideas floating around on how guilds could be able to rank up and unlock certain privileges.

  • @Administrator Sounds good. What kind of privileges?

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