Proof of hacking!

  • @administrators @Developers @Moderators You have here the proof of the hacking of the game!
    This player, "Sumtin More", when she saw she was loosing, after the first 3-4 turns, she began cheating.
    She stopped the timer for her so she could wait the time she wanted. Just for her, we other players had the timer. She hoped we would leave the game... the other player left the game (it appeared to be replaced by the Al player). I recorded one of her turns, when she waited aprox 6 (impossible with the timer working). Other turns she waited more... After 1 hour of playing like this she left. PLEASE send the video to the ones who make this game!! It is not normal... and please ban the player. She has more accounts (all with the name Sumtin...)

  • That's not really "hacking".
    She is using an exploit when already a KI has joined and the timer is not working anymore.
    Really - This is a serious bug. And sometimes you can provoke that the timer is out of order.
    Also a bug in the game. But that is not a proof, that someone can manipulate the dice or the action of the ki or the order of the cards.
    So this behaviour is not really what the word "hacking" implies.

    No doubt, that she is abusing the system. But the programmers can solve this exploit.



  • @Honie She used it before the Al player entered... and the Al player was actually other bug, because the third player was actually still in the game! I have also videos after that moment, when the bug with the Al player ended. I was kicked out and could enter the game again and there was no Al player :))). I can upload that video as well. What do you say about this?

  • @Honie And the timer was not working only for her. You can see in my video that my timer works normally and if I would have waited, I would have been kicked. The third player was actually still in the game and he had the restriction of time as I. The only one with no timer was her. You can see in my video that he is also waiting a little bit, an Al player wouldn't have done this.

  • @Honie @administrators @Moderators @Developers I have experienced the bug with the "seeming" Al player on myself. There was a game where I had connection problems, I was kicked and reentered, but for the other players I was appearing as an Al player. I found out about this when I wrote something in the chat and the other players where surprised because they thought I was an Al player. This is normal bug in CU, but the voluntary stopping of the timer only for one player is something bigger then a bug!! She could wait the time she wanted, but not the other players.
    If you watch on the Elo-leaderboard, you can see that she has a lot of accounts with the same name "Sumtin" (SumtinClaus, Sumtin More, SumtinElse...). Of course, if she gets banned, she has other accounts left...

  • administrators

    @P3tra Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We will investigate the issue.

  • @Administrator said:

    @P3tra Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We will investigate the issue.

    Thank you very much!

  • @Administrator so how did the investigation go?

  • I'm pretty sure that they are unable to find it and/or stop it from happening. Most likely they did left some kind of cheating system (used by QA, I guess) in the game and it has been found by the players. Either way, the way they are being silent about the fundamental issues about the game is just... sad. Really sad.

  • We've had a hacker in our match as well very disappointing... "alstar84" clearly hacking

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