cannot connect to server.. who can help me?

  • does anyone know who I can contact to help me fix my server issue? it appears i cannot connect, but i know it's not my internet. this has been happening for a week :(

  • When you are playing in a browser, clear the cache of the browser.



  • Think game down. Having same issue on my phone steam and browser. Last timw this happened server's were down:(

  • Maybe Ctrl + Shift + R will help you?

  • I'm having same issue - no help with dump of cache.

  • Have the same Problem ...anyone please help 😣 its not the Cache or internet

  • The same for me. Maybe 15 days, all the time I play, he said me "you are offline" or "can't reach the server" and kicked me from the game. I have paid for the season, finally i can't play. Please give me the solution or solve the problem. I have deleted the United Soft Media Verlag GmbH folder but it change nothing. Help!!!

  • try to log off and then logon…

    If you are switching between different device, sometimes "cannot connect to Server" means, that you are already logged in at the other device.. so log-out and log-in shoul help here...



  • @Manuezo Try to contact support directly, if our suggestions don´t work.

  • @administrators why does it say I'm offline AGAIN? Please fix. thnx

  • @syberchica I'm having the same problem for several days now, as i have had dozens of times before . Contacting support won't help. They will probably tell you it is your fault and they will look into the problem. It's been almost 2 years since they released the game and they still haven't fixed the game. I've played several other games online , it is the first time i have seen such unprofessionalism and ignorance on behalf of the developers .

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