cannot connect to server.. who can help me?

  • does anyone know who I can contact to help me fix my server issue? it appears i cannot connect, but i know it's not my internet. this has been happening for a week :(

  • When you are playing in a browser, clear the cache of the browser.



  • Think game down. Having same issue on my phone steam and browser. Last timw this happened server's were down:(

  • Maybe Ctrl + Shift + R will help you?

  • I'm having same issue - no help with dump of cache.

  • Have the same Problem ...anyone please help šŸ˜£ its not the Cache or internet

  • The same for me. Maybe 15 days, all the time I play, he said me "you are offline" or "can't reach the server" and kicked me from the game. I have paid for the season, finally i can't play. Please give me the solution or solve the problem. I have deleted the United Soft Media Verlag GmbH folder but it change nothing. Help!!!

  • try to log off and then logonā€¦

    If you are switching between different device, sometimes "cannot connect to Server" means, that you are already logged in at the other device.. so log-out and log-in shoul help here...



  • @Manuezo Try to contact support directly, if our suggestions donĀ“t work.

  • @administrators why does it say I'm offline AGAIN? Please fix. thnx

  • @syberchica I'm having the same problem for several days now, as i have had dozens of times before . Contacting support won't help. They will probably tell you it is your fault and they will look into the problem. It's been almost 2 years since they released the game and they still haven't fixed the game. I've played several other games online , it is the first time i have seen such unprofessionalism and ignorance on behalf of the developers .

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