Tiered/Ranged auto match search - Proposal

  • Problem: Playing against players with much lower ELO gives me negligible benefit (if I win), but high detriment (if I lose).

    Solution #1 (Ranged): I would like to see an option added where the server will only match me with players within a specific range of my ELO. IE. If my ELO is 1100, I have a box where I can enter a number, say 50 for this example, and the server will only match me with players whose ELO is 1050-1150.

    Solution #2 (Tiered): Create "tiers" of Elo and allow a checkbox that only matches me with players in my "tier" of ELO. IE: The tiers would be something like Tier 1: <1000, Tier 2: 1001 -> 1050, Tier 3:1051 -> 1100, Tier 4:1100 -> 1150, Tier 5: 1151-> 1200, Tier 6: >1200. Assuming again my ELO is 1100, I would only be matched with players in Tier 4. If my ELO dropped below 1100, I would then only be matched with players in Tier 3 until my ELO is above 1100 again.

    More evenly matched ELO score system.
    I will play with players that are closer to my skill level:

    Matching may take longer.

  • administrators

    @TxGold Thank you very much for your feedback on that issues. We will take a close look at the matchmaking system early next year to see where and how we can improve it for the benefit of all players.

    Also we want to make it more fun ;)

  • Just for reference, this has already been requested many times. However, I guess the more people who say something about it will maybe get @administrators to do something about. It has been positioned as a general filter, a lobby for players, and now as your suggestion. Who wants to take the next iteration of it?

  • @Administrator @administrators can you provide any additional feedback on the progress of this? Would like to know if there are any changes that are coming to any of the following topics:

    1. Match Making - Allowing for longer game starting times to allow time for better opponent matching.
    2. ELO Filter - The ability to filter on ELO's as an option for game creation. It is understood this will take longer for a game to start.
    3. Lobby - Lobby for game players to start tables and choose who can join. Similar to a pogo.com environment where users are accepted to a game.

  • The ability to match based more on ELO than other criteria favors protecting high ELO players from the higher risk of being randomly matched with low ELO players....and losing. This benefit has to come with a price.

    Any person who puts ELO as the primary criteria should have to maintain the highest total wait times across a period of time than most other players. That means being ready to partake in a game against other players with similar ELOs for more hours per month than other groups of players with significantly lower ELOs. Hopefully this would also translate to playing more games, and that would of course risk their high ELO against other very good players.

    Now you have a balance where ELO is being protected AND also still being risked.

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