Multi-day pausable game version?

  • Is there a version of Catan Universe where I can play with users not currently online, and take several days to complete a game?

    For example, I would like to start a game with myself, my wife (we live in California), a friend of mine in New York City, and my brother-in-law who lives in London. Since we're all in disparate time zones, finding a time when we all can be online at once is difficult. Ideally, there'd be email notifications when you have a trade request to respond to, an action to take because of another player's action, and of course a notification when it's your turn.

    Games like this would obviously take weeks to complete, but if all players were OK with that, it would be a lot of fun and a way to bring people together across continents.

    If this doesn't already exist, consider this post a request for the option of this kind of game.

  • administrators

    @Thrasymachus Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestion. This feature does not exist for Catan Universe right now. We would have to check if it is even possible to integrate a system like that based on the current mechanics we use for Multiplayer matches.

    In your mind, would you get notified for every action a person does? E.g you'll have to get notified for every trade made ... just so you don´t miss anything?

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