Software Architecture Issue or Malicious Behavior

  • There has got to be something wrong with the way this game was designed from a software architectural standpoint. The amount of CPU and RAM usage for such a simple game is absurd. There must be some sort of unnecessary looping or data processing going on. With the crazy amount of CPU and RAM usage the website uses, Catan Universe could very well be pulling something malicious by using each clients computer to mine cryptocurrency with their JavaScript code. It just doesn't add up.

  • @Dwili i activated a packet sniffer and i've monitored my cpu and gpu while running both the UI (starting menu) and in an actual game. Nothing malicious is going on :) it's bad code, the problem is the gpu, especially in the menu (don't know what the actual problem is, just where).
    The main reason to why i started doing it is the network issues. I don't wanna complain too much of course, indie gaming companies have it rough, it's a tough business and if they felt they needed to quickly finish writing the game I can understand. Very annoying though

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