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  • I played "master" computer opponents, and then "rookie" opponents.

    They both get dice rolls in their advantage. 90% of the time, especially when I am near victory, I NEVER get a roll that gives me a resource I want. For many ROUNDS. I payed attention to the beginning of my last game. I was not able to get adjacent to a 6 or 8 hex. The computer had all of them. The first 5 dice rolls were 6 or 8.

    The computer NEVER accepts my trades and NEVER offers to trade you a resources that you could utilize immediately. (Almost like it knows what you have) HUGE EYE ROLL

    Why have 3 difficulty levels? They all cheat. Clearly, it is not to make the game challenging. A younger and more experienced player would have no chance. The computer already plays smart, tries to build productive cities, AND uses roads to cut off real players (aggressively).

    I'm definitely not going to spend money on such a crappy game. And the server was down today... but not one mention of it made the news or announcements on this website. It all seems run really poorly. Please get your sh*t together.



  • administrators

    @Jamisojo Thanks for your feedback.

    Since the server outage occurred in the evening we "only" had been able to inform our users on our social media platforms about the issue.
    Thanks to the swift response of our technical team the outage only took 1.5h. We are sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused.

    Regarding the initial question, you had on the AI.

    The Ai and the dice rolls aren´t connected in any way shape or form. Thes are two totally separate systems with no interaction between each other.

    Once you are close to winning the Ai will stop trading with you. Your observation on that is totally right. It will stop trading to avoid "gifting" you the victory.

    It will also not trade with you if both of you are competing for a spot on the board.

    The AI is like an observant player. It will know what was rolled in the last rolls and what you spend in the last turns. But(!) it doesn't have the ability to steal a certain resource from you. It can only target you with a robber. What resource it will get is random.

    We hope this answers some of your questions regarding the AI.

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