constantly shows offline- using Steam. My internet is working

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  • I am having the same problem. I can’t play any live games even when I am on WiFi it never connects and I cannot create a custom game either. Very frustrated, checked for app updates, reset app, etc nothing works

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    @Lindseympol It would be great if you could send us an email to and give a more info about the device you are using.

  • @Lindseympol I have the same problem.
    Support recommended to delete the catan game from the steam account and then reinstall it. Haven´t been able to to that yet, though. But playing on browser works.

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    same problem - just have "can not reach server"
    reinstall didn't help!

  • @m4e Steam :dash: : Meahwhile, I managed to delete and reinstall Catan on steam, as recommended by support, but invain. :unamused: Still "No Connection to Server". Playing in browser works ok, but I need steam for some purchases I want to make.

  • I have the same problem... My internet works perfectly and I get the offline message constantly. I deleted the game from steam and nothing changed.

  • @P3tra @m4e @administrators @Lindseympol
    :tada: I can connect to Catan via steam :dash: again. :tada:
    I tried a lot of things, and I am not absolutely sure what finally worked. I suspect it had to do with the resetting of the firewall to standard and logging out and in a few times. Now everything works a treat and I am so happy about it. :dancer:

    Still, I wish it had not been such a lot of work :sweat: to figure everything out myself.:unamused: This is the IKEA version .:package: :wrench: of a game. You have to assemble everything yourself.

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