Greater Catan, missing hexes(sea instead), with number tokens on them?

  • What's going on here?
    I built on the 4-hex to see what it was, but didn't get anything..

  • administrators

    @toth42 Thank you for letting us know. What device are you using to play the game?

  • @Administrator Computer, WIN10, browser version, Newest Chrome version.

    Apropos, could you please release a downloadable version outside Steam? I'm not a gamer and have no desire to install steam, but I would like to install Catan.. I've paid for it, so is there anywhere to download?

  • administrators

    @toth42 Thank you for the additional info. We offer the game also on phone and tablet (iOs, Android). Does this every time you start the Greater Catan Scenario?

  • No, it just happened this once.

    I know about the other platforms, I'd just like to play on PC without loading up in the browser each time and without getting steam..

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