MIssing Kicktimer Still an ISSUE


    Today this happened again when I was dropped without a kicktimer. This time, I was wondering why a player was taking so long. When I asked, he said I was replaced with AI. When I refreshed the page, it told me I'd been kicked from the game. I have a screenshot.

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    @Kindness It would be great if you could provide us with additional info. What kind of Browser are you using? Are you connected via the Wifi? Are You using an adblocker or some kind of other add-ons in your browser?

    If you don't want to share this info in a public forum please contact us via support@catanuniverse.com.

  • I downloaded the Steam version so I don't play from my browser. But just in case it still makes a difference, I use Chrome. I do have adblocker. I connect via wifi to my desktop computer, but I just connected directly to see if that makes a difference so I will update you about that soon. This issue does not happen every game, I usually see the kicktimer but occasionally I am dropped without my knowledge so I don't think it's an Adblocker issue. Usually I can still communicate with other players, but occasionally when I try to chat that is when I find out I am "offline." My internet for other websites is never affected.. meaning even if Catan says I am offline, I can still use the Internet to connect to other online sites.

  • @Kindness The same happens to me from time to time. So whenever I feel it takes too long, I click on chat-log/game-log back and forth. That usually works.

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