No robber for 2 rounds - proposal

  • I have played in a championship where it was a rule that if there is a 7 rolled in the first 2 rounds you have to roll again the dice - so no robber for 2 rounds. It gets you the chance to get some resources and build something and not get robbed.

    It drives me crazy when somebody round one gets a 7, I get robbed on some key resource and then I am stuck for a long time (and then no 7 or the same person rolls 7 again).

    Will you consider implementing this as an option for people that may be interested in playing this way?

  • @Madis07 it is already available: use friendly robber in Custom Matches

    btw: no official championship should allow friendly robber in base games.



  • @Madis07 Several players have already asked for a friendly robber option in automatch as well.

  • Thanks, looking forward to see it implemented. :smiley:

    I am still trying to find my way on this forum, I am not 100% sure that I understand its structure.

  • I like this proposal. When I play with friends in person, that's exactly what we do.

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