To speed up gameplay

  • Just did a brief test after the client issue was resolved. Great job implementing some of the changes. I still would like to point out a few problems with changes that were made.

    1. Even though the zoom level has changed it's still not at a very comfortable level. Still needs a bit of work.
    2. Trade window still needs work
    3. All the building etc. has to be still compressed into 1 screen.
    4. Still too many clicks to build a road etc.

    Having said that the good parts are.

    1. Getting cards has improved much faster
    2. Avatar size has changed smaller better
    3. The cards have the number of cards held in a clear way.

  • I agree with belz about everything!

    I do have a suggestion for a layout though.

    Top of screen: players.

    middle of screen: game board (full board).

    left of screen: trade button, counter offer button, chat button.

    bottom of screen: road button, settlement button, city button (each button should have a number on it to show how many pieces you have left to use), resource cards, development cards, longest road / largest army card.

    (build buttons could also go on left of screen)

    right of screen: quit game button, suspend game button (for basic game against bots so you can log in and continue where you left off), dice rolls from last rotation of turns.

    Also if viewing the cards becomes an issue again you could just have the cards flat instead of it looking like someone is holding them.

    I also agree that when trading you should be able to see the game board at the same time!

    Any feedback is welcome of what could be changed / why it wouldn't work.

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