To speed up gameplay

  • I would like to make a few suggestion to improve the speed of gameplay. The primary problem is that all the animation seems to slow the game down.

    1. Every move does not need to be confirmed by the player, takes up too much time.
    2. The need to switch screens seems to slow down the speed you can play. The entire interface should be in one screen.
    3. Can't make out the number of cards your holding, as soon as the number of similar cards goes beyond 1 there should be a number indicating the number of similar cards your holding. i.e. like when the number goes to 4 cards of wool
    4. The player icons etc. to be made smaller so that there is room on screen to retain important things.
    5. The interface needs to change, you can't replicate the physical board it just takes too long to play the game. The primary focus should be gameplay and not animation and graphics.

    I would think that this site has a long way to go before issues are sorted out. The reason playcatan worked so well was they kept things simple and focused on making sure you could play fast. If this becomes the focus then most people will continue to use this site.

  • agree with everything in this post. spot on. Trying to recreate the board game experience exactly has caused the gameplay to be slow. The awesome part about playcatan was the ability to play fast games. MINIMAL animations

  • Y'all are so right. Please go check out my post and comment.

  • After thinking about what can be done to improve Catan Universe and why PlayCatan worked so well, relatively I would like to point out a few more points that I hope will be taken into consideration when the programmers get to work to improve CU.
    I also believe that PlayCatan is closed and the chances of it reopening are very very slim. Therefore I would like to try to improve CU to the level that the games are playable at the very least as a phase 1 part of the project. I know that everyone is very upset and angry at what has happened including me, but the only way we can move forward is to improve CU.

    I think the developers need to understand what made PlayCatan to popular to begin with, which as many have already stated was speed and simple interface. Even within the game the reason why we could complete games so quickly was a simple interface.
    I think that CU developers should start incorporating the best parts of PlayCatan into the new interface so that we can start restoring speed in gameplay. To that effect I would suggest:

    1. The entire process of building, trading, etc should happen in 1 screen. switching back and forth not only slows down the game but is extremely annoying. Have a build button like PlayCatan where you can access these options in the same screen.
    2. I think everyone agrees that the trade screen needs to be less intrusive, again more like the PlayCatan option, with allowing you the option to counter offer.
    3. The overall view of the board cannot be seen even if you zoom out to the max. I think the player icons can be reduced in size as can the overall size of the cards etc. The cards should be visible even when they are small but I like the new option of them enlarging when you click on them (that should be retained). I should also point out that right now the cards are not very clear even though the size of the cards are much larger than PlayCatan they are not distinct enough. PlayCatan smaller card icons but clear so follow that formula.
    4. I have mentioned this before but every step doesn't need to be confirmed and reconfirmed. For eg. I want to upgrade to a city, switch screens, click on the city icon, switch back to the board, choose the settlement to upgrade, confirm the settlement to upgrade, finally the upgrade happens, by which time all my fellow players have fallen asleep.
      MAKE IT SIMPLE. click the city icon , select the settlement and finish.
      I think you break down every move a player makes during game to record the number of clicks required and aim to bring that down a the minimum you can possibly you can bring it down to. This needs to be asap so that we can speed things up otherwise it will not be possible to play.
    5. Stop with the animations, really stop! If the main idea behind CU was the graphics and animations and you guys feel that it is a integral part of the new interface then atleast provide the option to players to completely shut it off. People who are fascinated by this kind of stuff will keep it on while the serious players can focus on the game. For eg. in Knights when I place my city fancy animation to show me the cards that I have got which takes time, then I have to place the road. When I place my city just have the cards show up as small icons next to my avatar and let me get on with placing the road.

    I will have more suggestions but want to limit the length of the post for now. I would appreciate it if Admin can atleast acknowledge that they are reading and thinking about incorporating the suggestions made. In the meantime if anyone else can follow my thought process and make similar suggestions it would only help.
    As a passing observation I think the CU developers/team haven't played PlayCatan and that's why there is such a gap between the 2 platforms. If they had spent a month playing PlayCatan they would have incorporated everything we loved about it into the new platform, it comes down to the basic idea that you should know the product you intend to redesign really really well before you redesign it completely.
    Not to end on a negative note I will point out.

    1. The player icon layout is interesting showing you your road length and some other useful information and can be developed further provided it shrinks down in size.
    2. No more server resets!
    3. the guild idea is interesting with some potential there.


  • +1 to everything said by @belz in the above comment. I know you requested more similar suggestions, but honestly - you covered every specific thing I would say, and covered it well. Thank you for your precise detail, as opposed to my general and somewhat disjointed rambling on my post.

    I also would love for the admins to acknowledge what is happening here. It's not just you and me - it's 95% of the community who is choosing to comment here in this forum. Amongst all the dissatisfaction, I've yet to see a single user jump in to say "you guys are all wrong! Catan Universe is wonderful!" It's just not happening. I hope the admins can recognize how the serious the danger is of completely losing their user base. Not everyone is willing to spend months investing time and energy into coaxing Catan Universe into playability as @belz seems to be. Most of us, myself included, will give up and leave soon enough, if drastic changes aren't implemented immediately. I know PlayCatan is supposedly shut down - but opening that back up would be much faster than improving Catan Universe.

  • @belz Amen to that. Good points, and so valid! Hope they take it to heart!

  • @catanstrophe thanks, I agree with everything your saying. I don't have all the time in the world for them to sort this out either. I was hoping that these suggestions would get them moving in the right direction quickly as oppose to fumbling around making changes that wouldn't make any difference to the game. We need the changes now!

    Anyway, I would like to add another point to improve the speed of play.

    1. Each time you play a turn it shows the cards each player gets then moves on to the next player and then the next. Just do it all at once. All cards at once pause for a second before it disappears.
    2. In knights the you can't see the special cards a player house in each category which is not very useful. That needs to change.


  • 1.The option to boot players who are delaying needs to be added. The option to block player as well.

    1. The AI joining the game needs to be removed, and instead letting a player join. I played a game where I was leading by a huge margin and the AI kept robbing from the other player who had no city and lesser points. Get rid of the AI player or have an option at the beginning to allow or not allow AI to join.
    2. The robber getting activated, longest road, etc. every event being in your face with notifications needs to be removed and made more subtle.
    3. Again I say reduce the number of clicks required to play the game, this will speed things up dramatically.


  • @administrators After reading the post from USM I understand that the concept of following the look and feel of the board game will continue as they still think that is the direction that needs to be followed. I personally think that is a mistake, but working under those constraints I have a few suggestions.

    1. The look and feel of the board can still be retained but consolidate the entire board to 1 screen. Keep all the pieces looking like the board game but avoid having all the pieces laid out.
    2. The size of the board and the pieces have to shrink, and the player avatars.
    3. Colour of the cards have to change a bit as they are a little difficult to distinguish between cards and places on the board.
    4. Automate certain actions and not mimic the entire board game, why not use double click to place a knight directly or to place a city.
    5. The option of having a open platform should be brought back where you can join certain games of your choosing. See what games are on in knights or base game and join those.

    Do not add any more expansions without resolving any of the issues with game play and bugs of the current games.

  • @administrators The update 4 has got rid of some bugs and from what I read it looks like more maps will be added soon. I read somewhere that moving camera angle will be taken care of and all the building etc will be consolidated to 1 spot. Can you confirm this please.
    I wanted to point out a few more things to help.

    1. When a robber is played or longest road reached etc. the entire screen is filled with the event it would be better to make those minor events in the game so that they do not take up the entire screen. Somewhere even if the player doesn't closed the tab they can continue playing. The trading window also needs to follow this with other options like no resource available etc.
    2. The stats for dice rolls should be available so you know what has rolled during the game and not just at the end of the game.
    3. Building multiple roads, buildings etc taking too long, need to have it in 1 screen and quick so if your building 3 roads it can be done quickly.
    4. Speed up the way players get resources. Its too slow and needs to happen all at once with the cards lingering near the players avatar before disappearing. Keep the number that rolled flashing on the board so in case someone misses the cards they can still tell what resources someone got.


  • 1 more suggestion.
    When you play a card for e.g. development card or special card in knights you click the card all cards come up on screen and then you click on it, the card zooms and covers the screen and then you confirm you want to play it.
    Just bring this process down to 1 click and make the cards easier to read when they are smaller.

  • Well said. I couldn't agree more. As an avid playcatan player game speed is by FAR the most important aspect and should be prioritized only second to game play. It takes me 5-8 minutes just to load catanUniverse (I like to play in the browser). There seem to be large delays when opening any dialogue boxes (like logging in) and after starting a game gameplay was so slow it killed all value in playing the game. I am feeling a little disappointed that catan is no longer a viable web game any longer.

  • this game is unplayable.

  • The chat window also need a upgrade. Apart from the fact that the window needs to stay open in a corner I find that when you type something out and send it the cursor moves out of the chat window, then you have to click on the chat window again to type something else.
    You might want to continue chatting or have more than 1 thing to say so please change that.

  • Will wait for the next update to continue feedback.

  • @belz
    I appreciate all of the suggestions made by Belz. I wish there was some kind of acknowledgement from the admins so that players could know that suggestions were at least being heard.

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