FEEDBACK - important issues

  • Hello!

    I want to give you a feedback about some important things I think you should fix in the game.

    First of all, there is a problem with the roll of the 7. In a game with 3 players there is a horrible pattern, every game there is a player who always rolls the 7! There are moments when the 7 comes after three rolls every time, so the same players rolls it, which is not normal... I play every day and see this in every single game. Please take a look at the programming of the 7 and make it random, not at every third turn, please.

    Regarding the same issue, please give the players the option to choose “friendly robber” in auto match, in PlayCatan most of the players played like this. In the same way you give us the option to choose the scenario, give us the other option as well, so players with the same option of “friendly robber” get matched. PLEASE!

    About the computer player
    He is ruining the game!! He has no algorithm about the finality of a game. He prefers to help the leader win, in order the build just one road!! It is not normal... if you can’t fix that, give us the option to cancel the game if everyone agrees or the option of a human substitute.

    Without those aspects, players can’t play by strategy, only by luck. We have to hope we are the player with the 7 and that the non sense computer player needs a resource from the other player.

    Beside this important issues, I would like to ask if there is any change for you to introduce the MULTICATAN scenario? This was one of the most played. The DESERT RIDERS as well.

    Thank you,

  • I think 7 is behaving like it should. You're just unlucky :grin:

  • @art2018 said:

    I think 7 is behaving like it should. You're just unlucky :grin:

    Why unlucky? I won several games because I was the only player rolling 7:smile: because of this 3-algorithm. I didn’t need to force me much, I had monopoly of the blocking (without monopoly card:joy: ). If you think this is normal...

  • i wrote my own bot recording the stats, i assure you that the 7 isn't being isolated to one single player in any significant way. But nice ideas, they don't have the playerbase to support two versions of the robber, but otherwise it sounds nice :) In my opinion, the first and only thing that should be focused on is the network issues. It would mean less bots for example.

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