Custom match: show ELO in friends list / Invite List

  • OK, personally I hate ELO, but if it's the only thing we have to "rank" players skill levels (versus a proper non-decreasing ranking system)...

    Can we show ELO in the friends list when creating customs games and/or when invited to a custom game. I don't know everyone on my friends list well, and I want to be sure I start a balanced game, or join a balanced game. (Like I joined one with a friend and their friends, only to find out one was really new to the game. Which is fine but hey, I'd like to know if I'm joining a fixed game, ha ha ha ... learning game, I mean)

  • @MonkeyZ yeah, that would improve the game very much.

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  • administrators

    @MonkeyZ Thank you for your feedback and idea. We will look into it.

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