AI ore obsession bug destroys games

  • So a player basically picks ore and wood, that's largely it for resources. You'd think it'd be a tough start and huge gamble --- nope, player had dropped out and the AI in all it's ore obsession basically gave that player all the resources it needed to quickly have multiple cities and a critical port. No human player would have been this irrational to allow one player such a huge lead so quickly. [Sure, monopolizing a resource to trade it is a valid strategy, except the AI lacks any nuance to not let a player run away with the game]

    [This was only made better by 2 players dropping and being left with a 2 AI - 2 human game which is always not-fun, especially when the AI is also irrational with robbing. The number of people quitting lately has made this a huge problem... unearned wins/free ELO for players further destroying what little value there is to ELO]

  • I would petition to stop the AI from playing with humans if the game started with all human players. Make a system where other humans can take over (for whatever minor benefits). You clearly are bad at creating or updating the AI to play rationally. Give up for now and come back (in 5+ years) if you manage to make it better.

  • @Stroom At least give us the choice. If it's pretty much decided and we just need a player to roll the dice for the last place player, then the AI is fine. But if it's early, let a human player join.

    The Catan Online allowed humans to join. Even if you had to wait a bit. It feels like all the lessons/nice features were lost to get pretty. (No friendly robber in general games, no way to pick a game you want to join, etc.,)

  • @Stroom I'd be curious what the stats are now for AI joining games, because it feels like it's a significantly high percentage. It's not uncommon to have AI right from the start.

  • I posted on the main board about not having AL replace a few weeks ago. I would be all in favor of this. Terrible play and destroys the game.

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