Why is this game about who comes in 2nd?

  • Am finding that players are now more concerned about their ELO / stats/ whatever is important to them (in their world) which means that they are actually helping the winner so that they can come in 2nd. I know that this has been mentioned before but have to say...I really miss PlayCatan....you chose who you wanted to play with and most were good competitive games (which I respect) Which is why I keep asking the question now...why do I keep playing this silly game ;)...I guess because that this is all there is. In all honesty, I actually really dislike CU...it is a bully playground. End of the day it should be quality (gameplay) over quantity (of $'s for the business) @klausteuber

  • @Administrator please for the love of god fix this! Your game is more frustrating to play than real life. It should not be like this. Online game should be faster but it isn't and it is much less fun due to this issue. And all the other things I have mentioned for 2+ years.

  • @Stroom said:

    is more frustrating to play than real life.

    At least in real life you have a better sense of who you are playing and what is socially acceptable [well that and people actually interact ~ can there be a flag for people who actually like to socialize!? (although language is a hurdle in a global product. Google translate should be built in, ha ha)]. Maybe friendly robber and other "fun" indicators will be added.

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    @Nyte_ You can still choose who you want to play with. You can create a guild or join one. Then you can set the filter "guild" in the Auto-Match. You will only be matched against members of your guild.

    If you don't want to play auto-matches ... choose the custom match mode. Invite fellow Catanians from your friendlist that like to play in a certain way.

  • But a guild only allows 100 members. Same with ignore and friends list. This makes setting up games really hard. You have to speak in the in-game guild chat, which is just very ineffective. Or use some other channel for it. And it still boils down to same people having to ABUSE the matchmaker system in order to end up in the same game. The "solution" you offer is that they have to enter the matchmaker queue at the same time.

    When you make friends from many different guilds, how can you set up a game among these people then? If your friends list is already full, you can't just add them all to friends list and join matchmaker at the same time.

    Why do you need matchmaker to set up a game with guild members in the first place? That sounds just stupid! Let's say that in one guild, 2 groups of 4 players want to play a game at the same time. So 8 of them set up the matchmaker at the same time. But then 1 player from group A ends up in the game with group B. And 1 player from group B in a game with Group A. Do you not see how stupid this is?

    Similarly with friends list matchmaker.

    Someone who is pushing for the matchmaker is hiding his head in the sand and ignoring the COMMON SENSE.

    Also, go try to scroll through the list of guilds. That UI is HORRIBLE. It lags and always keeps pushing the current view around like crazy. Basically every player can create a guild so searching through all those is a nightmare. The players have to find out about the guild from outside the actual game to find what they are looking for. Especially when the top displayed guilds have 100 members and are therefore not joinable.

    Everything about this is unbelievably stupid!

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    @Stroom Use a custom match for your friends in the guild

  • But if your friends list is full and your guild is full and you still want to play with someone who is not in your friends list and from another guild?

  • @Stroom You filled your friends list? I filled my block list but not my friends list, ha ha ha. (OK, maybe not a good sign :-D ... still a tonne of people on my friends list but setting up friends games still feels like a pain )

  • I'm just pointing out the obvious flaws about the current system. I don't really play that much because it is always a pain after trying to see if things are fixed after the "major updates".

  • Oh no...you can only block 100. Dang it my strategy of just blocking all these people who leave or have no clue how to play the game will eventually backfire. HAHA

  • @Stroom @administrators I agree with Stroom on all levels....it's not solving the primary problem. Again as mentioned previously could you please look at a Lobby...it would solve the problem...simple :)

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    One more time: :)

    Lobbies would make it clunkier and harder to start a game. You have to scroll a list, set filters, look for suitable opponents
    It wouldn´t be easy or fun to use on mobile devices
    It would make it harder to compare the players' performances (certain players only playing against each other with certain rulesets (e.g friendly robber)
    It would divide the community into smaller groups that only want to play together. It might very well be frustrating to join a lobby and then get kicked out because the lobby-host doesn´t "like"
    Other systems we integrated into the games do not work with a lobby based system. (e.g Seasons)

    The hypothetical positive effects of a lobby browser do not nearly compensate the backlash it would produce to the vast majority of users. This is not taking into account that Catan Universe is simply not built around such a "matchmaking" method.

    I am well aware that this answer probably won´t be sufficient for you but that is our point of view towards a lobby browser. And it has been like that from the very beginning of the project.

    We do offer other methods for players with certain playstyle but we can´t force anyone to make use of them. We can simply show them that there are these options.

  • OK, let's go over this again.

    So your main focus is on mobile players. PC players must use an inferior system because of that. I get you want to make more money because mobile players tend to pay more... But then you make the monetization strategy into a pay-once-play-forever thing. You could have made several times more if you used the subscription based strategy.

    Mobile players can't use the lobby... This is definitely false. You just have not even tried to design it yet.

    Lobby filters is basically the same as the current matchmaker. I would say that it is even easier to use than the matchmaker you currently have. As you already mentioned, you sometimes have to quit the matchmaker when it freezes on you. A lobby would be much more robust in that regard.

    Comparing players performance... You mean Elo? You do see all these posts about people complaining how Elo is not fair and that people are actually playing worse due to the public Elo system? Players in 2nd place making the 1st place win just because then they would not lose as much if they would end up in the 3rd or 4th place. This generally makes the gaming experience in CU worse and you do not show any intent on fixing it. For months. You should remove Elo along with the matchmaker anyway. So many cheaters have come up because they have something to gain from intentionally hacking the game. Without Elo they probably would not do it as much.

    Players dividing the community? What community?! Why would we have to play with known cheaters and not get rid of them? It is not fun playing if you can't decide before the game if you actually want to play with the players who entered your game. You obviously did not even try to play on PlayCatan before building Catan Universe. There was no "division in community" in PlayCatan. Most of the time when you entered a lobby game, you were not kicked. Only if someone knew that you were too good or annoying other players in game, you would be kicked. And that is a good thing because it allows people to not have a frustrating game and have FUN instead. Something that you're completely ignoring in this case. People want to have fun not suffer due to your poor design decisions.

    Seasons don't work with matchmaker. OK. But then create something that works with a lobby! The season works based on Elo and as I already said, Elo is a bad metric for a luck based game like Catan. Just organize normal real-life-like tournaments where people have to get to their computers at given times. The season seemed quite pointless anyway due to the random nature of it. Climbing the Elo ladder is just so random and does not really show your skill in Catan. Only how you game the system.

    The "backlash" you are talking about is something I started criticizing 3 years ago. And things have not improved at all. If you had taken that time and just straight out copied PlayCatan and made it usable for Mobile, you would be much better off both financially and community-wise. I really doubt there will be a backlash if you overhaul your system at this point. You dug yourself into a hole by not listening for 3 years. Only lately you finally started making the trading better. And it is still not as good as it was in PlayCatan. Your reasoning that "this is not PlayCatan" does not mean that we should be happy that you are not trying to make it as good and as enjoyable as the game you murdered.

  • @Stroom I want to point one big point of your comment out:

    There is no Community in CU and as long as nobody trys something to change that, the game experience isn't really good.

    I also don't play on this platform ATM, cause thia reason. :(

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • @Yeloow82 said:

    Oh no...you can only block 100. Dang it my strategy of just blocking all these people who leave or have no clue how to play the game will eventually backfire. HAHA

    off topic, but what makes it even better is that you have to remove them one by painful one, it's not quick. And the administrators can't clear it for you. I ended up using MacroRecorder to record the mouse clicks to unblock someone, and let it run until it cleared my list to start over again. (that took some tweaking as the menu changes length, so the "unblock" menu option moves position)

    Edit: they do really need a proper ELO filter ~ it's getting so frustrating losing game after game because I'm stuck with 900 level players who have terrible tactics. (I don't mind losing a good game)

  • @Administrator said:

    It would divide the community into smaller groups that only want to play together. It might very well be frustrating to join a lobby and then get kicked out because the lobby-host doesn´t "like"

    But there is already a divided community. There are different levels of players (of skill or experience), and players who want different things out of a game (some want a cut-throat game and some who want a friendly chatty game). A lobby (or any other similar ideas like better filters on the auto match) is not to divide community but allow people to find other people they will enjoy playing with.

    We do offer other methods for players with certain playstyle but we can´t force anyone to make use of them. We can simply show them that there are these options.

    I try to use the options you've offered, but none seem sufficient right now. The ranking system/filter is broken (I've had way too many 900s level players destroying games with unskilled or bully like tactics, and it's exhausting) and many higher ranks are meaningless (gamed ELOs, gaming the AI and the AI unbalancing the game, connection bugs worse than ever right now). The friendly robber option isn't available under automatic, where people could indicate what style of game they want (there are drawbacks to friendly robber, but it's still a good dividing line). The friend option doesn't work, and custom games are too much of a pain to setup. I can't even chose whether I want to play a fun game (no ELO at stake) or a competitive game.

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