Couldn't Build A Settlement On Wheat Island

  • Operating System: Windows 7
    Web Browser: Google Chrome
    Expansion Pack: Seafarers

    I had built a line of 2 ships from a settlement on the shoreline out to an island. The nearest settlements (other than mine which was 2 away) were 3 roads away from where I wanted to build a settlement.
    I double-checked that I had settlements left, and I tried to place one, but the game wouldn't let me. When I clicked on the space at the end of the 2 ships, it asked me where I wanted to move the ship. I tried like 3 times (because I thought I had mistakenly clicked on the ship). But even after zooming in, I was still unable to place a settlement. Instead I was forced to just add to my ship line.


  • @ZapdosJoe42 I sometimes have encountered similar problems when the angle was too tilted. For me, the solution was to go into overview.

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