• It would really nice to have a capitulate button.
    Somone one player has just so many points that at some point is just clicking for half an hour to end the game.
    To avoid this, it would be nice that all can vote to capitulate/respective to agrre, that one player has won.

  • If it still takes half an hour to end the game then that player does not have too many points.

  • Also, quitting ranks you in the order that you quit, so if you think you're coming 4th, then quit. If you think you have a chance to rank higher, then you have to earn that (or at least last until someone else quits and you can quit for 3rd, etc.,).

    The dice, robbers, development cards, etc., will change the leader quickly. [although the AI replacements also impact the balance of the game, so it's not really that much better, lol]

  • @conguero I think the quit button takes care of that. But personally, I follow the words of Henry V "Once more to the breech!" :sweat_smile: I have had :sparkles: amazing comebacks, :sparkles: and seen others have it.
    (That does not work though, if the other players decide to go for the weakest instead of the lstrongest, because they aim for second rank. Those games are :poop: hopeless, I agree.)

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