Stuck in a game

  • One of the other players got stuck somehow, no communication, no timer, no nothing. So my other opponent left after a quite a reasonable time. At that point, timer started running for the missing player, and when it ended, instead of kicking him out, play resumed, albeit very slow. So finally his turn ended, I got my turn, and it passed on to the player that quit (AI supposedly). But it seems now it is stuck on the AI player. I don't want to lose my karma, and I'm winning (6 points, to 4 for the AI player, and 2 for the missing initially stuck player).

    What can I do?

  • @lomaq

    I am having the same problem. Appears the user “Liv3stL3g3nd” uses an AI glitch to hold up the game so they can keep their karma. I hope they fix this soon.

  • @lomaq @Administrator @Developers @KOSMOS
    I have the same issue, all night long, since yesterday. At some point a game gets stuck, mostly with AIs, no turn timer to get them kicked (are they un-kickable???) and we just sit.
    I have reported that player name for each instance today. Please check those game records and fix this annoyance.
    This is more than frustrating.

  • @lomaq If only AI is left, you can abort without penalty.

  • There has definitely been a higher number of occurrences of the game getting stuck on the AI.

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