When are you developers going to fix the AI program's STUPID MOVES problem?

  • I and MANY other players have repeated reported that the AI players are making it difficult to play as they keep making moves that NO SANE PLAYER would make...offering trades then refusing to complete them, refusing to trade for items it desperately needs EVEN when the non-AI player is several points down, Stealing cards from the Human player even when the OTHER AI is about to win the game!!! I have yet to see this issue improve nor have I seen it even acknowledged?!?!?!?! PC AI WAS BETTER...DO MORE OF THAT.

  • @Sista @Moderators @administrators @KOSMOS
    I see the same, AI players make really dumb and illogical moves and ruin the game.
    If you do not give us the option to invite a real player (that worked so well in PLayCatan), then at least let the AI act like real reasonable players.
    This stupid programming ruins all the fun. You should be able to do better than that or go back to the features of the old game that worked so much better.
    After all this time things still are sooooo bad.

  • They've argued the AI goes after players with resources it wants, which often the lowest ranked player, but it seems to do so without regard for who's leading and usually the resource it's obsessed over isn't even reasonable (like it builds a road to make a settlement, then the changes it mind and trades everything away to make a city ~ usually making rich players richer with stupid 2:1-3:1 trades).
    Supposedly it won't trade with you if it's competing for a spot - but it still refuses trades when it has the clear advantage (like, it's the AIs turn and the trade will allow it to build, so clearly you are no threat). [But honestly I think this is a huge misunderstanding of their bugs, because I've had the AI to refuse to trade with me when it's on the other side of the board from me, and will trade with the leader who happens to be sharing space with it].
    (plus, honestly, a human player would give up a spot they wanted if the trade gives them another spot they wanted. Catan, like most games, is about concessions that move your game forward.)

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