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  • Have been playing on Firefox, no one around for automatch anymore? is there a better platform to use?

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    @Elsak All Platforms can play with each other. Depending on the time you are online it might take a few moments until you get matched. Also, make sure not to use filters like Friends or Guild to speed up the process of finding suitable opponents.

    If that doesn't work please try to log out and back into your account manually to establish a new connection to our servers.

  • @Elsak - I sometimes wait forever too.... and I play on Steam.
    I still would like to plead to go back to having a foyer /entry hall where we can chose our matches like in the old game..... @Developers @Moderators @administrators

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    @Fortuna As we stated many times before... Catan Universe won't feature a lobby system. The vast majority of players are very happy about the matchmaker and don't want to scroll through long lists of open games.

    If you should wait an unusually long time before a game starts, please leave the queue and restart the search process or try to log out and back in again to your account.

  • @Administrator How do you know that? I have not seen any questionnaires about what players think of your game. All I have seen is several people posting and asking for a lobby. Or they are unhappy with how the matchmaker works. The "workaround" of resetting the matchmaker also shows how broken your system is. You should have fixed this instead of adding the slightly broken Incas scenario.

  • Don't assume that people, who are not complaining, are happy with the system or don't have any bugs.

  • @Administrator - That is too bad. I sit here many times and it takes forever..... Then a game is put together and as it takes its sweet time tload the game, a player leaves and voila, I start the waiting game again.
    What exactly are the reasons for not wanting a lobby???? I just don't get it....

  • I have had no server connection for weeks using Firefox so I moved to Chrome. Today I got the same message on Chrome. I am on a iMac.

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    @catancanada could you please go ahead and try to clear the browser cache

  • @Administrator That worked, thank you.

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    @catancanada great! Have fun

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