Rivals statistics counts wrong

  • I have been noticing some of the secondary die statistics in Rivals for Catan card game are displaying the wrong counts. I played a game where we received the Celebration roll many times and after the game ended, in the summary statistics it showed the Celebration had occurred 0 times. If it had been wrong but off by only a few count, I would never have questioned it, but it obviously shouldn't have shown a 0. Another game, just last night, the Trade roll had been prevalent, but the end game statistics showed a very small number. It was obviously incorrect, but this time it was a small number instead of just a 0. I have considered taking notes while playing to track all the stats for a game to see if other counts are likewise displayed incorrectly on a regular basis, but harder to identify. I will let you know what I find.

  • administrators

    @randhas1 Thank you very much for your feedback on this issue. We will take a look at it as well

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