kick feature\ less turn time

  • So.... I had this problem quite a lot lately.
    if a player doesn't notice the turn can't move on....
    if the player is AFK the game can drag on for so long.
    Also AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, I had a player who abused it!!!!!!
    so at the beginning of the game (we played 3 players) he got blocked quit a lot because he was a threat. He got angry and typed, "If you block me again we play for 2 hours".
    Then he dragged each turn until the end of the timer.
    me and the other player reported him, but I'd like to see a vote to kick feature just so games can be played quickly. thanks

  • There is no way a vote to kick feature is going to be enabled. It would be insanely abused. The time limit needs to be decreased, but an overall time bank needs to be added for each player to use when they do go over the regular time limit. That way a player can use more time when absolutely necessary, but not have the ability to use such a long amount of time every turn.

    That or there should be "turbo" game modes, where the timer is drastically reduced, and every player knows exactly what they are getting into and are aware that they must play quickly.

  • @Dwili I definitly agree that a vote to kick choice would be abused a lot. Certain players would kick you or threaten to kick you, whenever they felt their victory was threatened. But I often would need more time, :hourglass_flowing_sand: especially in more complex expansions, with lots of incoming resources. The idea to give a limited amount of extra time (like twice a game) sounds great.

  • What if the kick ability is only available if you run out of time?

    Or if the vote will be only about you ending your turn? And if you run out of times too many times, the kick vote will be available.

    Anything can and will be abused. Even the current kicktimer is used to annoy other players. Kick vote would at least allow you to kick the players who are being annoying. And the kick votes can also be used against the ones who voted unfairly - if the admin sees that you were already ahead and were kicked, the other players would be punished.

  • @Stroom I remember that the "ask for more time" option worked fine on PlayCatan. Also was useful if someone had an unexpected doorbell or similar to take care of, without breaking up the game. But here on CU, you would have to disable the turntimer first. If that were possible, I think that your suggestion would be a good idea.

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