Inka trading with AI

  • I have been seeing some unusual trade offers and offers that are presented, but then not accepted by AI, after I agree. For the unusual trades. I am seeing something like this. One AI offers me 1 potato for a wood. I try to agree, but AI dismisses it, without the trade happening. AI then proceeds to offer 1 potato and 1 wool for the same wood. I get it, you really want that wood. But it didn't perform the trade when it was just 1 potato for 1 wood, so why try to give me more. Well regardless, AI won't do that trade either. Not surprising! AI then tries another trade of 2 potatoes and 1 wool for 1 wood. Again, I think to myself, and with better resources in my favor? But it won't do the trade. I have no qualms with the AI deciding the trade is not to its benefit, but I don't like being offered a trade that you won't accept. And I clearly think further offers in my favor involving the same resources, is just rubbing salt in the wound. And wasting time, and making me interact more than is necessary while I wait for my turn. I don't know if these offers are supposed to represent offers that one AI is trying to do, and would be willing to do, but only with the other AI, but I find it annoying if they are not meant to be for me. Because I have to interact with buttons on the screen each and every offer that is made. This problem could use some attention. I have only been playing the Inka offering lately so I don't know if this logic is common to other offerings in Catan Universe. I don't recall it happening in those other games.

  • @randhas1 said:

    AI offers me 1 potato for a wood. I try to agree, but AI dismisses it, without the trade happening

    There are known significant AI trading problems in the latest releases of Catan. In past releases it used to trade quite liberally, even trading with someone about to win, but now it purportedly ignores trading if it thinks you are leading or competing with it for a spot it wants - but this explanation doesn't make sense because even if the trade gives the AI the advantage, or you are at 3 point and no threat to the AI, it'll ignore you for rounds on end, trade with players in a better position (and gives them unreasonable trades), and then suddenly start trading with you again for no reason (but usually by that point your game has been ruined).

    I think this version of AI is much worse than the old version, because while the older version could be gamed easier (easy unreasonable 2:1/3:1 trades, even if you are close to winning); this version ruins games by being overly unwilling to trade in random circumstances, even if mutually beneficial, significantly unbalancing the game (or hindering a players progress, to the advantage to stronger starting positions or those getting heavy lucky rolls)

  • Yes!!!! More crazy AI behavior that appears to be ignored by the ADMIN?!?!?! Today, AI 1 has 12 points (and 8 cards) and I have 7 points (C&K) AI2 rolls a 7 and instead of sitting the robber on a tile with me AND AI 1 (or just AI 1) it sets the robber on a tile with only me (and, obviously, takes a card from my hand). NO SANE PLAYER would make that move!!!! Come on Admins, get the logic tree straightened out...this is soooo much worse than PC AIs and has been for far too long.

    Also, Stop having the AIs offer me trades it has NO intention of completing...that's just rude!!

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