Inka robber placement by AI

  • In the Inka offering I am seeing the AI placing the robber on his own developed tiles. I wondered at it when it happened the first time, but am clearly perplexed that it keeps on occurring. Each time I have seen it, I believe I have the combat arms superiority. I can understand why the choice might not be on tiles I own, but there is another AI and there are also neutral tiles as other options. Even placing the robber to impact me for one set of turns, when I am in the lead, would be the expected behavior.

  • Yesterday I was playing CaK and saw the AI player place the robber on his own tile. I placed the robber on his 9 tile when it was my turn. On his turn, he used a Knight to move the robber. He used up the Knight and moved the robber to his own 6 tile, then used another of his Knights to move the robber from his 6 tile to one of my tiles. I witnessed the AI doing this same set of moves twice in the game. This definitely was more of the AI moving the robber inappropriately and wastefully since he used two Knights each time it happened in the game. You will have to determine if these moves are within the same decision tree problem as the one seen in the Inka offering. Thanks for all your help!

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