Catan is back and it's good - thank you!!!

  • I wanted to write a thank you note to the @administrators @Developers

    A few months ago playcatan was shut down. I was most upset. I hated CU. But steadily things have improved and now I would say the experience is pretty much better than PC. There are very few issues any more for me. I play C+K several times per week and it's like old times again.

    Every Saturday morning, I wake up, get my coffee and play a game. It's wonderful and I have no trouble finding decent people to play with.

    It did take me a while to get used to things. My only two asks remaining are:

    1. Bring back a lobby experience
    2. Please don't stack the cards on top of each other

    These feel like nit-picks now. The game experience has gotten so much better and I hope I see more of my old PC friends on there some time.

    Thank you for listening.

  • administrators

    @tbt Thank you very much for letting us know how you feel about Catan Universe. We will keep on working hard to enhance Catan Universe further.
    I did forward your post to the team for some extra Friday motivation :)

  • From one developer to another, I understand the difficulty of user adoption. It's the little things that matter. For example, it took me time to realize that hitting the spacebar is the same as hitting the checkbox.

    Once you are past that learning curve the experience has become very smooth.

    I think at this stage you guys need to feel really good about achieving that, especially with someone as difficult to please as me.


  • @tbt @administrators @Developers Yes, please bring back the lobby.....
    I hate to sit around and wait for you to gather a team of players....

  • I have brought the mobile version for Catan universe and for some reason my single player and auto match features are locked again like before the purchase ..

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • administrators

    @batspolo1 this seems to be off-topic. But please contact us via regarding issues with your account.

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