Karma Box in automatch

  • @administrators what does the auto match --> then the box beside Karma do? It seems based off the hover over that it's +/- 1 of your Karma. So how am I getting matched with 3's when I am a 5? Seems if we have this clicked, it shouldn't matter the time it takes to get a match. Just add this to the matchmaking discussions that are already being mentioned.

  • @administrators any response here. Just a game started in less than 10 seconds with a one star. What is the purpose of the filter if the matchmaking will just override it to get a game started. If the filters are not going to work as designed, just remove them.

  • The matchmaker is just horrible. The only justification is that the mobile version can not handle a lobby. Which is a lie. The developers are just too lazy to think about making the lobby work for a mobile screen.

  • Look I get the need to put together a game quickly, I am just saying if you have a filter which we clearly want to use, then honor the checking of that filter regardless of how long it takes to get a game. I don't want to play with Karma 1-3 stars. They either have crappy connections or leave the game and the computer is not a viable replacement. I guess the fix because @administrators won't comment or address it is to block all of them.

    @Stroom we have posted on this many times. This string here is about the Karma filter but you and I both have been on strings about matchmaking in general. Just played two 900's(was 1230ish I think) and lost because there was 17 8's in 40 rolls and didn't have the 8. Lost 14 points. I mean it's just brutal when that happens and you don't cheat or collaborate. I posted earlier I beat them by 4 points and the second place guy wins more ELO points for losing and coming in second than I did for winning. I don't care how good you are, you can't beat luck.

  • You should not take Elo seriously anyway. It was never meant to be used in a game where luck is involved. And if there are 4 players in the game with such huge player interaction.

  • @Yeloow82 I just had a crazy thought: :dizzy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    I believe I don´t have the Filters on, but I get almost always 4 or 5 star opponents, and lots of games I am matched up with friends. (my friends list is quite long).
    What if it is a reverse checkoff box :ballot_box_with_check: problem? Many people had the same problem at first with the expansion choice list: I thought it was on, when it was off? Could it be that my filters are actually on, while your´s are actually off?

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