Board Resetting

  • @administrators just had the strangest thing happen in a game. The game was running very slow and appeared the game was stalled. I refreshed my browser and it asked to rejoin the game. I rejoined and the board had completely changed. The pieces were in the same spots but the numbers had changed. This is a major issue and please see the log on the last game I played for reference. Not sure what happen but that needs to be addressed.

  • @Yeloow82 All the numbers, or just a few? Maybe someone played inventoor cards?

  • All the numbers changed. I wasn't aware one of those were available as a development card. haha.
    However if I get them as often as I do Victory Points, hope to use it in the next game.

  • administrators

    @Yeloow82 Thank you for the feedback. We will look into it. Did you experience this issue only one time?

  • @Administrator Well my connection is normally really good so I was just reloading because the others were not. I don't normally need to reload, but yes it only happened once.

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