Feature Request: ELO Rating Filter

  • Please add an ELO rating filter for games. Put it on the main screen where you can limit the ELO of people playing before starting the random match. You have a checkbox for Karma and Friend which I really don't know what that does as I have Karma checked and still get people with one star.

  • If we have to be stuck with ELO, this would be a really great feature. I'd rather wait longer for a game with higher ELO players. Of course this will likely mean you'll get filtered out from ELO higher than you as well.

    I'd also like a way to play ELO free games, where I can just enjoy a game and not have my ELO go up or down, but that would be a separate request.

  • Whatever filters you place on the matchmaker, it will make finding a game with matchmaker much slower. People also want friendly robber. Add this to all other kinds of filters and you might end up with only 10 other players to play with throughout the game. And since the matchmaker sucks so hard, you can't even see how many players actually might be wanting to play with your customization. #lobbyworksbetterforcatan

  • @MonkeyZ Custom games don´t affect Elo, I was told. (Until you get a filter)

  • @Stroom respectfully disagree. I agree that if you add more filters to the requirements for a game, then yes it will be harder to find a game. What I am requesting is the ability to limit the ELO. Now, if I said I want a filter that only allows a game for 1200+ then yes, you are probably going to be sitting for awhile. I am just tried of getting 900 ELO (and Karma) who honestly have no clue about positioning which makes for a bad game. However, I think the community has plenty of people who would qualify for 1100 or better. If I have to wait longer then fine. I would rather have a better game than a quicker wait time for a bad one. At the end of the day, it's a filter. If we wait too long or game never get made, then we have the option to not use it.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen That's good to know about custom, I should try it when there are enough friends online.

  • @Stroom On the old PlayCatan you could see all the games waiting to start and jump in one that was waiting if you liked the options, or you could setup your own custom game and it would be added to the list of waiting games. It was usually quite fast to get a game going. [I get that things don't work like that around here :-/ ]

    The thing is, I'd be OK with waiting a bit longer to get a game going. Frankly, I'm not sure why it takes so long to get a game going on Catan Universe, you just see the counter go up and down and hits 4 and restarts, it's like the servers decide another group was a better match and make you keep waiting. So if I have to wait anyway, might as well be for a game of my preference.

  • Thank you very much for your input regarding this feature request. The matchmaker currently is taking the players Elo into account but it will get more liberal over time to find suiting players. I will forward your suggestions to our dev. team and we will discuss it internally.

  • @Administrator Would this include a Friendly Robber-filter :gun: :smiley: :question:
    I think it would really improve the fun for both aggressive and non-aggressive style players :exclamation:

  • administrators

    @Rumpelstilzchen We will take a look at it but from the first glance at our data, we can tell that less than 10% of all custom games currently played are using "the friendly robber" mode.

  • This post is deleted!

  • They do this on chess.com where you can set limits on playing people within the chess ranking parameter that you set. It's really great. It's necessary because too many times you have to play troll players who ruin it.

  • @Administrator But playing with friends is different already, you don´t have to set a filter for them (or activate friendly robber). You already play the style you want with each other.

  • @Administrator Personally I never setup custom games, just play who's online.

  • After playing yet another game which should be a competitive game, but some player just ignores the obvious leader and person eating away their position (ultimately this player finished dead last at 3pts), it was frustrating. I came 2nd last and lost a bunch of ELO because I can't filter out inexperienced players. [which is only frustrating because one loses ELO a lot faster than they gain ELO, generally, especially with the range of ELO in a game. ]

    @administrators if we can select the amount of filtering on ELO then that will affect how quickly we get a game, but it'll be our choice to a certain extent. Some light filtering to 1000-1100 shouldn't greatly slow down game starts, should it!?

    [I recognize (if heavily used) it might result in it potentially taking longer for new players to get games going, which might not be the initial experience you want to them to experience, so obviously some analysis would be required.]

  • @MonkeyZ The main distorting element of Elo is still the connection issues. Somedays I gain so much Elo, because all the other players are kicked. On otherdays, it is the other way round. It is rather a connectionrating system, bthan skill rating.

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