Feature Request: Make "friendly robber" accessible from auto match

  • With the differing play styles (fun vs super competitive), please consider adding the "friendly robber" option to the auto match screen. [It's great it's available when setting up custom matches with friends, but there is no way to have friendly matches with random players]

  • @MonkeyZ Yes, I think a "Friendly Robber" :no_entry_sign: :gun: Filter for Automatch would be really the best way to avoid feuds and quarrels about different styles.:+1:
    I have been begging :pray: so long for this, maybe this time we will get it :question:

  • @Rumpelstilzchen Hopefully! I imagine they have a long list of features/bugs to work on, but making the game more fun for the existing audience seems worth while (for retention)

  • This is a must-add feature for me. I have seen many entire games settled because of this, which does not seem fun/fair for all. Since there already is a friendly-robber option in custom matches, I would think it would not be too hard to add

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