Feature request: One time extended turn

  • @Prinz-der-Sterne I get an answer most of the time

  • @Prinz-der-Sterne Totally agree with you. I start most games with "Hi folks >> gl & hf!" A simple courtesy that is generally not responded to but nevertheless I continue in the hope that the mindset will change in this platform. With Playcatan the community was indeed a community >> good & bad ;) but that is what made it good / a challenge xx

  • There is a bug in catan universe that people exploit that has unlimited time for each turn. I don't know how they do it but they can stop the kicktimer after a few turns, so they wait literally 5-10 minutes each turn. It's frustrating, but there's nothing you can do about it. I had a 55minute game before, currently in a game where the player is taking 10 minutes each roll hoping we will disconnect or something. He just rolled after a 6 minute wait.

  • @halfmoon How awful! There was one player on Play Catan who used to do that, too. As time went by, people realized it and he landed on many Igno lists. And of course you could see his stuck games hanging in the lobby every day. So others eventually noticed. But reporting the player did not help, it could not be prooven how he did it.

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