Feature request: One time extended turn

  • There are times when you want a little longer to do your turn (way too many resources, or someone comes to the door/calls on the phone) and it would be great if once during a game you could get an extra minute or two in your turn.

    (I mean, when the bugs are sorted out in the turn timer/kick timer) 1x available per game (or perhaps every couple of games) would be useful and hard to really abuse. [Although I suppose if every player uses it in a game it might be annoying, ha ha ha... but that seems like a rare case where the game isn't exciting already]

  • @MonkeyZ Play Catan offered the option to take a few seconds longer, :watch: if the other players agreed with it. I would love to have that option here, too.
    Especially in Scenarios like e.g. Treasure :palm_tree: Islands C&K, I am frequently unable to complete my buildings during the later rounds. So I often cannot finish the game, even though I do have enough resources to win. :pouting_cat:

  • @MonkeyZ @Rumpelstilzchen
    I would prefer another system for the timer anyway:

    Every player gets 60 seconds per turn and when this time is over, the player can use his "extra time" for example 2 minutes. So if you need 70 seconds for your turn, you will have 110 seconds from your "private time" left.

    So you will only have 60 seconds regenerated per turn, but in many turns this is more than enough.

    Hope, all undestand, what I'm suggesting :)

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  • @Prinz-der-Sterne Yeah, this is clear to me. You have to manage your extra time, but it's there to use a you'd like over the course of the game. That's a bit more flexible. I would be concerned that it might not be obvious, user interface wise, and people will get frustrated/complain [but that just requires some careful consideration and user testing]

  • @MonkeyZ Yes, your explanation is quite clear. :smiley_cat:
    I think your idea could work, if the "private stack" of time is visualized in a way that enabels us to see when it will be :hourglass_flowing_sand: depleted, so we can keep track :watch: .

  • Perhaps after the turn timer clock comes all the way around, it continues past that point into "overtime". And a second circle representing overtime remaining, perhaps in red, get erased/smaller as the turn timer continues around. Then in subsequent turns that red circle is still there (perhaps as a thinner outline / de-emphasized in some way) showing the overtime remaining. [everytime you go into overtime the remaining circle of overtime gets smaller and smaller until it hits the zero point].

    [with design consideration for colour blindness]

  • @MonkeyZ that is a good idea :+1:

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  • What about this?

    Every player has 90-120 seconds on his turn. If he goes over that time limit, OTHER PLAYERS can decide whether the player can keep playing or he must end his turn... Or to kick him. But ONLY if the player exceeds his limit.

    Automatically ending player turns is messed up. Especially if the AI also has to make some choices for you.

  • @Stroom said:
    Catan Online used to allow people to kick another player (if they were stuck or a jerk) if everyone voted them off. I don't know, in a way it seems useful, but also could be abused (why wouldn't you want the guy about to win to end his turn and lose all his stuff, ha ha ha - ok that would be unfair, but happens on occasion)

    The turn timer kind of makes sense if someone isn't doing anything, or just going through endless trade attempts, but if they are actively doing something (building roads, exchanging with the bank, thinking for a second), it seems like they should be able to continue their turn. Especially if there is a risk of losing a tonne of resources. [But even then that could also be abused by players trying to drag out their turn - I've had a game or two where a player seeks to punish everyone else by letting their turn timer run EVERY turn -- that might be a case where the software should shorten their turn, if it's reliably detectable]

  • In PlayCatan, it never happened that losing players would intentionally kick the winning player. Maybe because there was an actual community there... Or because there was no pointless elo system that would make the users act like piranhas, constantly fighting for meaningless virtual points. Also, running out of time usually happens in so infrequently that it should not really be an obstacle for other players to occasionally let a player take a longer turn in the first place. It should really be a subjective matter whether the active player can take a longer turn or not. And when the player IS kicked out, the player could report the kickers for playing immaturely.

  • I want to ponit one thing out:

    I think no one of us thinks, that the system, that is used at the moment, is the best solution for the game, or I'm wrong?

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  • @Prinz-der-Sterne Are you talking ELO or Turn Time!? Honestly, I don't mind the turn timer most of the time - some people just seem to sit there thinking or doing nothing (intentionally or not) and don't end their turn.

  • @Stroom Honestly, the chat conversation that don't happen told me from the beginning that there isn't the community here that PlayCatan had - but I partially think that's the fault of mobile (chatting using a PC/Mac is obviously easier). I've had a handful of games that had enjoyable conversations and playful (not argumentative) banter.

  • @MonkeyZ I was actually talking about the turn-timer, but the ELO-System is another thing, that doesn't fit in a game like Catan, as @Stroom mantioned several times. :worried:

    And I agree with you, there are not many games with people that are really chating.
    i write at the beginning of every game:

    "Hi everyone, good luck and have fun"

    90 % of the games I don't even get an answer. Maybe, because there is really no real community here ... :fearful:

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • This post is deleted!

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