In 3rd place and AI is refusing to trade with me (for something it wants)

  • I thought I'd be excited for AI improvements... but it's worse than ever.

    I'm in 3rd place at 6 points, the leader is at 10 (Harbour Master) ... the AI is refusing to trade with me for something it wants on it's turn, or my turn. Those trades would give it 2-3 points moving ahead of me, and only give me 1 point. It's so infuriating...

    What makes it so much more infuriating is that the developers are stuck on the importance of ELO, yet here I'll lose 10 just because of bugs in your program.

    Yes, I could game the ELO by having "network issues" but I figured I had a chance to move into 2nd... but NOPE, not in this Catan Universe. [Ironically any gaming of the ELO is a joke anyway as kharma/bugs caused a loss 40-50 ELO due to the game hanging up during picking starting positions, where "network issues" won't save you from Kharma loss]

  • I find that the AI makes crazy, self defeating trades/moves ALL THE TIME!!!! I understand your frustration....Is was NEVER like this in PC.

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