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  • I noticed today when looking at the game log that it stated a 7 was rolled, when it was really an 8. Properly displayed below the incorrect roll number in the game log, were the resources awarded each person for the roll of 8. Not sure how you might reproduce this one, and the game play was just fine, so it is definitely a minor issue. This was on an Android device. Thanks for all your attention to the game play issues! I appreciate the hard work.

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    @randhas1 Thanks for your feedback. We will take a look at issue

  • I noticed this issue again last night. And it definitely isn't restricted to mistakenly showing a 7 when some other number is rolled. In this situation, I wasn't watching my screen as both AIs turns passed. I suddenly had 5 potatoes and noticed that it would have to have happened if both AI die rolls were 9. I looked at the log, but saw that after my roll of 5, the first AI was shown to have rolled a 5 as well, although the resources given to all characters and recorded in the log were for the die roll of 9. The next AI in the log correctly showed a roll of 9, with the same resources logged and delivered as the previous AI. Thanks for all your help!

  • I also have seen this, but it isn't totally wrong, just likely a product of reusing code. I noticed when Monopoly card was played, the log stated that the Monopoly was for Grain, and that I lost 2 Potatoes. Although the incorrect name of Grain was used in the log, it does correspond correctly with Inka's resource to replace Grain. Just a heads up since it made sense to me why it was recorded that way.

  • Yesterday I saw this in the log after playing the Monopoly card and choosing fish as the resource. Note that in this particular case, if it is of any consequence to determining the logic in the code, I did not receive any fish resources from either AI player.
    ...plays the development card Monopoly.
    ...declares a KNF:ingame_labels_9 monopoly.

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    @randhas1 We will add a fix for the development card for Inka in the next update. This should then resolve the mentioned issues here. Thank you very much for your feedback on that.

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