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  • I have noticed in recent games that computer will not trade with someone in the lead or tied. Had a situation where the game was like 4(1 VP)-4(Puter)-3 and computer offered two for one. I accepted and then offered three for one and other person accepted(3). @administrators can you explain this? I get the whole don't trade with a leader but at 4 points and losing a resource? Interesting to hear your explanation on how the computer is thinking here.

  • @administrators also just had a game where I am three points down off the leader and getting robbed. This makes no sense. Can you please provide some explanation? Honestly it would be better if we just got rid of the computer all together. Computer's play does not mimic a real player and if anything hurts the game because of it's bad play and trades.

  • Several of us have brought the retarded AI play strategy to the admins attention and, to the best of my knowledge, the admins just ignore these questions/issues. We have been asking the admins to FIX this ridiculous and time wasting 'tease trade' issue for months..but they won't even acknowledge that this DIDN'T happen in PC nor should it be happening in CU. sigh

  • I haven't tried a computer game yet but I remember that asobrain and doesn't have these problems

  • @Sista the sad part is I am not even asking for them to fix it. At this point I am merely asking for an explanation and still can't get a response from @administrators. It amazing how they jump on some questions and others go months with no response.

  • They do seem to be pretty active in the forums

  • @Yeloow82 try to address it to Adminstrator and not to Administrators...
    Maybe it will be better heard



  • administrators

    @Yeloow82 We summarized the Ai trading behavior here in this official post in the news section a while ago:

  • @Yeloow82 EXACTLY!!! I have yet to see an Admin even acknowledge that there is a problem with the AI program...let alone offer to fix it.

    Why do some issues get immediate and lavish attention while this one, that so many have complained about, gets brushed aside without so much as a shoulder shrug. :'(

  • @administrators @Administrator Thanks for the explanation on the trading. However, I just had a AL trade with someone for the game basically. At 6 points (leading by the way which I can't seem to EVER get it to trade when I'm leading.) with two DC and two knights already played. He traded with that player who had 7 cards and an open settlement spot. Guess he wasn't in competition with that player is the explanation. Guys...all due respect. It still needs work! It's killing game play when you have players who leave because they are losing and we get a computer player.

  • administrators

    @Yeloow82 We are always keeping a close eye on the AI and we will keep on improving it over time since we will have to adapt it for future updates (with new content) anyway.

  • @administrators the AI doesn't mimic the human behaviour at all. Most of its trade offers are insane (offering 3 stones for 1 wood. Really????) and the decision about who to trade with and who to steal from are also very questionable.

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