Can’t reach server error?

  • Anyone know what this means or how to connect?

  • @Administrator I’ve been having this same problem for over a week now. At first I thought the site was down for server work or something. I can’t logout and back in without server access. Please advise?

  • Me too. I get a cannot connect to server error on my iPad ever since I downloaded the new version. Tried rebooting but didn’t fix.

  • @administrators, same problem here......

  • If you get the "cannot reach server" message, please log out an log back into your account. This may sound a bit weird but that way you will establish a new connection to our servers.

  • Same problem here. I'm on Steam on a mac and whatever I tried to reconnect (disconnect/reconnect, reinstalling steam, etc.) merely failed. Any idea someone ?

  • administrators

    @Phreakey For more detailed support best contact our technical support via

  • same problem here.... every time I try to add new friend, it says cannot reach server.
    And still doesn't work even if I log out and log back to my account

  • I've experienced the same problem at least two weeks. My son helped me remove Catan Universe and reinstall it. No improvement. I sent enough emails to upset someone at I'm frustrated. Anyone want to stay with my mother-in-law so I can escape a few hours a day? She can't be left alone. Playing Catan was my escape. I'm going nuts.

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