Can’t reach server error?

  • I have also paid a week ago and now i am hearing from you that you dont have enough resources. I think that you should have informed me about this problem before making the payment. What is happening is not acceptable. I want you to give more details about fixing the problem.

  • Is this actually being addressed? I understand traffic is heavy, but we're paying customers. If I cannot play this game I demand a refund.

  • We are truly sorry that our login service was impaired. Our team has resolved the issues. We will continue to work hard on stabilizing the servers. Please bear with us during these special times our team is working from quarantine as well and we are doing our best to keep the servers up and running. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.
    If you encountered issues during the login or creation of your account please try again now. Or reach out to our support team via

    The Catan Universe Team

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