Bug with Barbarian Raids

  • I just had a situation where their were 3 knights active (one of which was mine) and the barbarian strength was 4. I had one city. I was pretty sure that if you have one active knight and one city and there is a defeat you would not lose your city. Someone else would.

    But I lost my city while the person who was unprotected and also had a metropolis didn't.

    Am I not understanding the rules correctly or is this a bug?

  • @Earsrgood Exactly, you don't understand properly how it works. If there is a defeat, the Metropolis is excluded (considering is the only city for that player). The next player loses a city. If there is more than one, they do equally.
    Probably, in your game, there were 4 players, each had a city and an active knight, except the one with the Metro. Then, the 3 players lost their cities. It is that kind of vicious move that I like to do. :)

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