4 Player with Friends

  • Would be nice to play 4 player MP game with friends. We are a couple and like to play with another couple but one always has to miss out.

    Any plans to enable 4 player MP with friends anytime soon?

  • administrators

    @Earsrgood A 4 Player only with friends is already possible. Either use the Auto-Match with the "friends filter" (please also make sure to set the filter to 4 players only) or set up a custom match.

    Please note: these options are only available if you and your friends either unlocked the expansion for 24h via a scroll or purchased it via Catan Gold.

  • this is false. we all used scrolls and it still locked us out because we didn't "purchase the game". Really clunky UX!

  • @Earsrgood That already exists. But you have to select it in the filters.

  • Hello guys. Is it possible just for the ones who bought the game? I couldn't find in the free version.
    Thanks! :D

  • @amyleet Yes, all of you have to buy it, :moneybag: if you want to play together.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen - can you please select what exactly we all have to buy for 4 players to play on custom match? Is it just The Game? Or another expansion?

  • @BarcelonaCanuck20 Depends on what you want to play. If you want to only play base game, you all just have to buy that. If you want to play an extension, you all have to buy the extension you want to play.

  • @Administrator This should be a lot more clear. Not helpful at all. Pretty shit actually.

  • Hi Administrator,
    I just wanted to make sure I understood how the game works. If I wanted to play a 4-player game with 4 people (and not for just 24 hours) but to own the game and play with 4 people anytime I want to, each person playing needs to pay $3.99 to get the necessary 400 gold coins. Then, since you start with 100 gold coins, each person needs to "purchase" the game for 500 gold coins. Is that correct? Also, if anyone other than the original 4 people want to play, they also have to purchase the game. Is that correct as well?

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