Rivals summary counts missing

  • In the Android version, when playing the Rivals offering, if you minimize the top of screen face images, to show summary counts, my summary does not show up. Only the AI character's summary counts appear.

  • Is this not bothering anyone else? Perhaps Rivals is not a top priority right now.

  • administrators

    @randhas1 Thank you very much for the feedback. Could you please tell us what device you are using?

  • Android device.

  • administrators

    @randhas1 Thank you very much for the info but we are interested in what actual device it is (e.g a Samsung Galaxy S8). Since there are so many display resolutions and display ratios for Android devices it will speed up the process of recreating the issue on our end immensely.

    If you don't want to share what actual device you are using here in the public forums, feel free to contact our technical support via support@catanuniverse.com. Best include also a screenshot of the issue you are describing.

  • My device is a ZTE Blade Z Max. Any other specs you need? And what is the typical procedure for taking a screenshot with a mobile device? I haven't done that before.

  • @Administrator said:


    This issue has been resolved in the newest patch. Well done! Thanks for working on this for me. And I really like the other improvements to the Rivals interface.

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