Inca build new city while one is in decline

  • In the new Inca offering, I have been able to build a city when, from the previous buildings in decline, a city already exists.

  • administrators

    @randhas1 thank you very much for your feedback. Did you use the drag and drop building method on your mobile device when you experienced that issue

  • Yes, I believe I did use the drag-and-drop method to build it.

  • administrators

    @randhas1 thank you very much. Our devs are already working on a fix for that. If you tap directly on the position you want to build on the game board, you should not encounter these issues.

  • Did I misunderstand this rule? The almanac does say you can have 1 city for each of your tribes. Maybe it is valid to build a city even if you have 1 in decline? I assumed that you could only have 1 city at any given time, but that might not have been the intention.

  • administrators

    @randhas1 Ah! sorry for the misunderstanding. You can have only one city in an "active tribe". A city in a tribe that has declined will not prevent you from building another one in an active tribe.

    Tip: That is why cities from declined tribes are high-value targets to build on top of them.

  • Ah. Now it is clear. Thank you very much for the clarification. I like that advantage!

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