Inca no way to chase off robber

  • In the new Inca offering, I have had the martial arts advantage and an adjacent robber situation occur where in the hover over action icon it shows the chase off robber possibility, but I find no button or item which performs this action.

  • You have to click on the number at the center of the hex, BUT IT DOES NOT WORK.
    @administrators I have lost a game where I was leading in my 3rd tribe, with 2 VP and I could not get rid of the robber on an 8 hex (one city + one settl) with Supreme martial arts advantage. I lost because of that because we rolled 3x 8 I could not collect from. I was only missing 2 cards when another player claimed victory.
    Again, they implement something new, and it does not work properly. Déjà vu.

  • administrators

    Hi! Thank you very much for your feedback and please excuse the inconveniences this has caused. We will forward this to our QA promptly. EDIT: On what system are you playing? On iOS and Android you have to click in the middle of the your blocked tile and then click on the button in the upcoming context menu on the top right.

  • @Administrator said:


    This is on Android. I will try again when this happens to be sure that I was pressing in the middle of the tile. I think I did, but I tried so many things, that I can't be sure at this point.

  • @administrators I am playing on my PC with the browser Edge which always works perfectly, and generates less heat, avoiding my system to crash. There is NO CONTEXT MENU when I click on the number at the center of the tile.
    Played 3 more games since this post yesterday, same situation occurred, except that I could not move the robber BEFORE I rolled the dice, even if it showed the icon in my possible choices under my avatar. I could move the robber after rolling the dice though. But still, this could be enough for losing the game in a close race.

  • Yes, I was trying to move it before my roll. I did not try to move it afterwards.

  • I had this happen again and verified that even when touching the number token centered on the tile where the robber exists, you cannot chase him away before rolling the dice. You can, as you mentioned, chase him away after rolling.

  • Thank you all very much for your input on this. We have been able to verify the issue and it will be resolved in the next update.

  • I have verified that we can now Chase off the robber before the die roll. Thank you for fixing this.

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