Inca longest route miscalculated

  • I am seeing issues with the calculation for longest trade route in the new Inca offering. I see it happening both with connected but not continuous and not connected roads.

  • I see now that the orange colored street section was next to the orange brick tile. And the grey colored street section was next to the stone tile. So, I am fairly confident that I mistakenly reported this issue. My bad. This can be closed.

  • Thank you very much for your feedback and your updated feedback as well. Have a good day!

  • I think my suggestion here has to do with how close the colors were for the player's pieces to the tiles where they were placed. The orange colored street pieces bordered the brick tile, which is orange in color. The gray colored street pieces bordered the stone tile, which is gray in color. Now, I have to mention that I do have some color-blindness, so it may be more difficult for me than just anyone to distinguish colors that are close in the spectrum. Maybe the player's pieces could have more of a difference than the tile colors, or perhaps the street pieces could have a black border. Just some thoughts.

  • @randhas1 a couler-blind mode has already been mentioned, but hasn't implemented yet.
    @Administrator is there any update on this topic?

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