How is Kharma calculated?

  • With the recent ability to "have network issues" [cough preserve ELO cough] one would think Kharma should drop, but it doesn't seem to. Perhaps that's just because I've played far too many games such that even a not insignificant amount of quitting/aborting will cause a drop in my Kharma.

    Shouldn't Kharma be based on a rolling X number of recent games. For example, instead of "I've only quit (or network bug killed) 5 games out of 100", so my Kharma is fine, it's I've quit 5 out of my 10 most recent games so my Kharma should be terrible.

    Maybe it is calculated this way, but it was fairly lenient given past stability issues.

  • administrators

    @MonkeyZ Your last game will always have the most impact on your Karma. Therefore the abandoning of one game will have less influence over time if you finished all the consecutive ones. In total, we take the last 500 games into account when calculating the players' karma.

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