I didn't pay to get my password reset and account blocked.

  • For some reason the game though it smart to reset my password field. I'm the type of person who've experienced some keylogging and account theft before, so I usually have about 4-8 different types of passwords, depending on what I do.
    Yet because the game chose to delete my saved password and in trying to remember exactly which password used for Catan, I got blocked. I paid for the game, I want to play it. Not in 5 minutes, not in an hour, NOW. :) Simple as that. And the fact that "Password Recovery" doesn't work ingame, nor on your website, I'd say FIX IT!!!!!!!!

  • administrators

    @JustinCaseDK We have been in Maintenance mode for the 1.7.0 update. If your Password recovery should work by now, please contact us via support@catanuniverse.com

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